jessss (ska___nk) wrote in ct_straightedge,

How crazy is this:

Please, please, please watch this. It's totally rediculous.

The thing that got me thinking about this trailer, the mom asked if she was in the "straightedge group" and then they went on to say how the mom was scared? How she couldn't believe she was in the "straight edge" group? What's wrong with the sxe group? They are portraying us as the aweful people that mothers dont want their kids hanging out with. God, I agree we should watch the show, but WAY to send off the image that we are aweful people, and that nobody should like us.

This show is going to do the opposite of what we want. Parents are going to be afraid if their children become part of the Straight Edge group, and the number of us edgers is going to become less, and less. CBS should have people working for them that actually know what they are talking about. Because they are putting us all into this aweful stereotype that doesn't apply to everyone.

The fact that Straight Edge is now on TV doesn't bother me as much. But I really doubt that the people from Minor Threat realized that it was going to get as huge as being the topic of a TV show. The public is getting the wrong impression of our "sub culture". Drastically, it could become something like the public against us, and them thinking we are something that we aren't.
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